Dracula: The Legend Lives

Movie title: Dracula: The Legend Lives (2016)
Actors: Ardena Francis, James Wolford Hardin, David Heavener, HarmonieRose Heavener, Emily Knapp, David Heavener
Directors: David Heavener
Duration: 7 min.

A girly-game takes a plot twist when “Truth or Dare” challenges Alicia to confront Dracula in his lair. Confident it’s all just fun and games, she sets off into the cemetery to complete her dare.

Do you really want to see ultimate experience now? Dracula: The Legend Lives Horror movie was released in late 2016. Ardena Francis, Emily Knapp, David Heavener, HarmonieRose Heavener, James Wolford Hardin made this movie exclusive to see. Just my IMHO. We hope that you will enjoy this film. 🙂 Bookmark this link and share.

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